Simple Distillation Unit

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It consists of a vessel mounted in a heating bath and fitted with a condenser for condensing the fumes. Receiver with drain valve can be added for receiving the condensate. The unit is available in vessel sizes of 20, 50, 100, 200, & 300 Ltr.and is suitable for operation under atmospheric pressure and full vacuum.

Cap. Ltr.
Bath KW Vapour Line Condenser M 2 Reference
10 L 2 50 DN 0.2 SFSDU 10
20 L 3 80 DN 0.35 SFSDU 20
50 L 4.5 100 DN 0.5 SFSDU 50
100 L 6 150 DN 1.5 SFSDU 100
200 L 9 150 DN 1.5 SFSDU 200
300 L 10.5 225 DN 2.5 SFSDU 300

Optional items

  • Heating mantle instead of jacketed heating/cooling bath.
  • Flush bottom valve instead of the simple drain valve.
  • Cylindrical vessel instead of the spherical vessel.
  •  SIGFOLDI-JACKET ™ vessel instead of the spherical vessel without heating bath and heating mantle.

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