Dear Prospects and Customers,

Welcome to Sigma Group of companies
I dreamed of Sigma Group in 1997 with the fresh eyes of a marketing person who wanted to make it big and has worked hard to make that dream come true – today Sigma Group is one-stop solution company for the needs of process industry for combating corrosion.

“One-stop solution company for the needs of process industry for combating corrosion.”

The year 2016 brings us to our 19th anniversary in business. Over the course of 15 plus years, we have successfully product 3.3 Expansion Borosilicate Glass Equipment as per international standards and qualification. We have processed thousands of Orders with a huge commitment to quality, service, and speed in a highly competitive environment.

The expertise and competence of our people have helped us not only to survive but grow in true detail – intensive business.

Being an entrepreneur and a promoter my efforts are constantly in the direction to make it big and better day by day in partnership with our customers/vendors.

We believe that no one can complete with our unique combination of:

Reasonable Prices, Quality,  Services for a wide range of products, and parts.

We look forward to many more successful years, along with your partnership with great aspirations for the future.


Dharmendra Patel

(Managing Director)

Sigma Scientific Glass Pvt. Ltd.