HCL Gas Adiabatic Absorbers

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Hydrogen Chloride gas produced as a by product can be economically processed into Hydro – Chloric Acid by simple Absorption Adiabatic Absorption is the most effective means of production of Hydro – Chloric Acid solution. Under normal operating conditions Hydro Chloric Acid Solution of 30% – 31% strength can be obtained.

These absorbers operate, as the name implies, without any heat input into the reaction zone.

The gas loading should in no case fall below 50% of the design maximum for adiabatic absorption column to be most effective means of absorption.

In this process HCL – Gas is absorbed by fresh water flowing down the column . The heat generated by this reaction vapourises approximately 30% of the water that rises to the head of the column with non – soluble components of the gas stream.

Hydrogen Chloride streams containing air, water vapour & non – condensable are condensed / absorbed within the column and are returned together with the make up water to the bottom of the column through several packed sections and are passed through heat exchangers for dissicipatcing the heat of absorption before storage. The acid out let temperature is 45° C to 50°.

Falling Film Absorber

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The Falling Film Absorber are typical Heat Exchangers with weir tube arrangement at the top – which is always Vertically Mounted.

A co – current flow of gas & absorbent liquid flows down through the tubes – each tube functioning as an individual heat exchanger. The Heat of absorption released is removed by the cooling water flowing in the shell side of the falling film unit. There by affecting gas absorption at lower temperatures and enabling a higher absorption rate.

Objectives :

  • To separate gas Mixtures as required by the process
  • To purify a component of a gas Mixture
  • To remove harmful gases from waste Gases
  • To recover valuable components from waste gases

Mobile Gas Scrubber

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Salient Features:

  • Simple in design
  • Ideal for scrubbing exhaust from small scale chemical plants
  • Suitable for air and exhaust clean up tasks.
  • Ideal for studies and Scale – up of gas scrubber systems.

Sigma offers Mobile Scrubber in all glass and PTFE Construction for use in laboratories. The system is Mounted on stainless steel skid structure for maneuverability.

Glass Venturi Scrubber

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Venturi Scrubber is a device which helps in the mixing of Liquid and gas to achieve the purpose of scrubbing and Absorption.

Advantages / Salient Features:

  • No moving parts
  • No Maintenance
  • Ease of Operation
  • Can handle Large Gas Flow Rates
  • Intimate Mixing
  • No space requirement, it can be installed on a tank
  • Can be used as Vacuuming / Dust collection Device.
  • Venturi scrubbers can be used as single or as Multi-stage equipment for higher efficiencies of absorption.
  • Can be used as tail – gas absorber

Applications :

  • Gas Absorption
  • Vacuum Generation
  • Fume Scrubbing
  • Dust Collection / Air Pollution
  • Gas Liquid Reaction
  • Feeding of solids to reactors is made easy by negative draft developed by Venturi on the system

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