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Chemical and Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients are frequently processed as powders so that, after the reaction crystallisation of the solution and separation of solid and liquid materials becomes necessary.

Sigma has developed Agitated Glass Nutsche Filter made from Borosilicate Glass for application in Herbal products, Chemical product development, kilo lab operation, pharmaceutical manufacturing, agrochemical and the food industry.

The contact parts being Borosilicate Glass and PTFE and can easily handle corrosive materials.

The base with the filter cloth can be lowered for filter cloth change. Dissipative PTFE can be used to ensure that no static charge accumulation takes place.

Conforms to GMP regulation and FDA certification standards

Glass Nutsche Filter Application:

  • Acidic Media Filtration and Light Sensitive Products
  • Vacuum Filtration
  • Mobile/skid Mounted

Advantages of Glass Nutsche Filter:

  • Vacuum filtration possible.
  • Very high solvent recovery.
  • The glass is being transparent, offers visibility of processes.
  • Minimal contamination of the cake.
  • The inert gas atmosphere can be maintained.
  • Solvents are in closed systems, so no toxic vapours are let off in the atmosphere.
  • Personal safety is maintained and heat transfer surfaces can be provided to maintain filtration temperature.

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