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Sigma Borosil glass 3.3 pipeline components  are widely used in chemical, pharmaceutical, dyes & allied industries and food & drink production where the advantages of using glass as a basis for the construction of complete process systems have long been recognized. The main reasons for wide acceptance of Sigma borosilicate glass 3.3 are because of (a) Universal resistance to almost all chemicals resulting in reduced contamination risk, (b) Transparency for ease of visual monitoring of the process (c) Smooth surface allows easy cleaning & sterilization of systems. This guarantees long service life & minimum maintenance requirements.

Glass Distillation Units

Glass Reactor Systems

Rotary Evaporators

Thin-Film Evaporator

Glass Overhead Assembly for GLR

Glass Shell & Tube Heat Exchanger

Glass Absorber Systems

HCL Gas Generator Systems

Glass Nutsche Filters

Bromine Recovery Plants from Bromides And Sea Bitterns

Bench Scale Reaction + Filter (with Hand Lift)

Mixer Settlers

Industrial Glassware

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