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SIGFOLDI – JACKATED® ( First time in world’s glass ind.) is manufactured with a 100% folding design up to a nominal capacity of 200 Ltr. Which is registered under Patents Registration No.: 207576.

It is a system of two concentric vessels held together by flange and seal arrangement. The end flexible seals absorb the different expansion levels and prevent high stresses of the inner component and the jacket by allowing the movement flexibility between two due to thermal expansion.

Fused Jacketed Glass Reactors are at a huge disadvantage in case of damage to the system due to mechanical impact that is not repairable and have to be discarded. While in our system, if perchance the inner vessel or outer vessel gets damaged either is replaceable adding to the longevity of the equipment.

All our reactor systems are designed to keep L/D ratio within standard limits.

Because of being a two-component i.e. Vessel and Top cover agitators can be designed for the maximum sweep for better mixing & turbulence with no vortex formation by very effective second stage pitched blade agitator.


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Sigma started manufacturing SIGFOLDI – TRIPLE JACKETED® reactor up to 50Ltr. Cap. from an entirely new design with design Registered No. 1681023.

Vacuum Jacket Eliminates heat losses to the atmosphere and allows the process to be monitored with no frost formation on the jacket for operations below freezing point.

The vacuum is extended over the service nozzles to facilities a clear view.

PTFE spiral Baffle can be fitted between the Reaction Vessel and the service side of the jacket for maximum efficient heat transfer area utilization.

All reactors are designed with little dead spaces to keep L/D Ratio within 1.0 to 1.5 for the safety of the equipment, smooth performance, and easy scale-up.

Operation Temperature Range : -80°C to +200°C


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Reaction systems are developed to fulfill the actual needs of the chemical and pharma industry. Sigma Reactors are built for batch and semi-batch operation mode, with perfectly matched components and quality materials. Conforming to GMP / FDA Guidelines and Explosion-proof installations.


Glass Single Wall, Glass Double Wall, Glass Triple Wall Reactor, Glass Reactor with SS Jacket, Glass Lined Reactor with Glass top and Glass Lined Reactor

Sigfoldi-triple Jacketed Reactor And Glass Reactor With S.S. Jacket

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Operating Parameters

  • Pressure Range : Full Vaccum up to 0.5 bar (g)
  • Temperature Range : -80°C to +200°C
  • Capacities : 5 L up to 500 L
  • Installation Sites : R & D Lab, Pilot Plant, Kilo Lab, Production.

Salient Features :

  • GMP design
  • Skid Mounted / Lab – Hood Adaptability
  • Documentation
  • Instrumentation Safety Control
  • Pure and corrosive Media Handling
  • Safe operation
  • Customized Reactor System-for upscaling
  • Excellent thermal Process Control

Reactor Bottom Pan

  • Single wall Round bottom Reactor up to 300L
  • Single wall Cylindrical Reactor up to 500L
  • Double-wall Cylindrical Jacketed up to 200L
  • Triple wall Reactor up to 50L
  • Glass Lined Reactor (20L,50L,100L,250L), pre-insulated (with SS cladding)
  • Glass Reactor with SS Jacket ( Pre-insulated with SS cladding ).

Reactor Top Cover

  • Glass Top Cover
  • Glass Lined Top Cover
  • PTFE lined / Coating Top Cover

Bottom Outlet Valve

  • Flush bottom outlet valve – Glass / PTFE
  • Glass-lined with Temperature Sensor ( Optional )
  • Flush bottom outlet valve with Temperature Sensor

Stirrer System

  • Easily interchangeable stirrers made of PTFE lined
  • Glass-lined, anchor, turbine agitators
  • PTFE coating/ lined Anchor, Pitch blade turbine, interchangeable impellers also.
  • Glass stirrers with PTFE Blade, Vortex Stirrer, Propeller Stirrer
  • Motor : Flame Proof, Speed control by VFD or mechanical variator with a suitable gearbox.
  • Seal : Sic, Single dry running Complete SS construction ( option ), SS hood for motor, gearbox, housing

Safety Devices

  • Rupture Disc
  • Vent nozzle in Jacket ( For Glass Jacketed Reactor only)
  • Glass / PTFE Pressure Relief Valve
  • Coating of Glass components to avoid static discharge PTFE thermometer pocket with Tantalum Tip

Glass Overhead Assembly

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The standard overhead glass assembly is designed to conduct reactions under reflux, followed by distillation. The following process equipment is standard.

  • Feed Vessel
  • Vapour line
  • Primary condenser
  • Vent condenser
  • Distillate cooler
  • Phase separator for azeotropic distillation with re-cycle of any phase
  • Twin distillate receivers
  • Interconnecting glass pipeline with vessels

Glass Lined Reactor with Glass Top

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Reactor Bottom Pan-Raising / Lowering Device

  • Manual or motorised
  • Also removable after lowering

Flanges & Structure Option

  • C.I. Flanges with G.I. Pipes and Nut bolts
  • S.S. 304 or S.S. 316 also available
  • PTFE coated as an option.

Hand Hole

Sigma manhole closure with easy openable without any tools

Heating / Cooling System

  • Single fluid with precise temperature control
  • Temperature range -80°C to +200°C
  • Transparent fluid allowing the clear vision of the process

Glass Distillation Units

Glass Reactor Systems

Rotary Evaporators

Thin-Film Evaporator

Glass Overhead Assembly for GLR

Glass Shell & Tube Heat Exchanger

Glass Absorber Systems

HCL Gas Generator Systems

Glass Nutsche Filters

Bromine Recovery Plants from Bromides And Sea Bitterns

Bench Scale Reaction + Filter (with Hand Lift)

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