Mixer Settlers

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These are a Class of mineral process equipment used in Extraction Processes.

Industrial Mixer- Settlers are commonly used in the Copper, Nickel, Uranium, and cobalt Hydro – Metallurgy Industries where Solvent Extraction Processes or Liquid – Liquid Extraction Processes are applied.

Mixer-Settler consists of a first stage that mixes the phases together followed by a non-active settling stage that allows the phases to separate and a gravity separator where the liquids are separately removed as Heavy Phase and Light Phase.

For continuous operation, mixing and settling zones are spatially separated from each other. This can be achieved by connecting a series of several such mixing & settling chambers through which the phases are fed in counter – current flow, the system can be designed as per the requirements of a particular problem.

The Critical factor in the design of the horizontal mixer- settler is the coalescence ( to come together to form a mass or whole) rate of the dispersed phases.

Mixer – Settler Uses:

  • Extraction Process
  • Washing Process
  • Stripping Process

Salient Features Uses:

  • Separation of components in solution
  • Chemical Dispersion or Dissolution
  • Cooling or Heating of liquid by direct contact with another
  • Creating Permanent Emulsions

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