Reaction Distillation Unit

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The unit has been designed to suit the customer’s requirement of a combination of versatile reaction/distillation or combination for pilot plant work.

This has a flexibility of working at atmospheric pressure as well as under vacuum.

The typical unit has a reaction vessel fitted with a metal heating/cooling bath having a facility for heating and cooling bath by means of heating/cooling Fluids as a media.

The Standard system is equipped with stirrer heaving mechanical seal, a packed column on the side neck of the vessel, reflux divider, coil type condenser and or receiver system having a product, cooler, vent, drain and vacuum valves, Option of speed variation by mechanical variator or electronic variator can be provided.

The receiver system is equipped with product cooler. Vent/vacuum valve and drain valve.

The above unit are available in 10 Ltr., 20 Ltr., 50Ltr.,100 Ltr., 200 Ltr. & 300Ltr capacity with a spherical reactor.

Reactor CapacityBath KWAddition VesselVapour LineCondenser
Receiver SizeReference
10 L22 L50 DN0.20.12L, 2LSFFRU 10
20 L32 L80 DN0.350.12L, 5LSFFRU 20
50 L4.55 L100 DN0.50.25L, 10LSFFRU 50
100 L610 L150 DN1.50.3510L, 20LSFFRU 100
200 L920 L150 DN1.50.3510L, 20LSFFRU 200
300 L10.520 L225 DN2.50.520L, 20LSFFRU 300

Optional Items

  • Heating mantle instead of jacketed heating / cooling bath.
  •  Simple drain Valve instead of the flush bottom valve.
  • MS PTFE lined stirrer instead of glass stirrer.
  • Variable frequency drives for variable speed.
  • Cylindrical vessel instead of the spherical vessel. TM
  •  SIGFOLDI-JACKET vessel instead of a spherical vessel without heating bath and heating mantle.

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