Sigma Scientific glass pvt. ltd outside photo
Sigma Scientific Glass Pvt. Ltd. is the leading ISO 9001:2000 certified manufacturer company engaged in manufacturing of borosilicate glass 3.3 industrial process equipment/process plants in India, for the chemical industry growing at rapid pace. All our glass equipment comply with ISO 3585/3586/3587 for SIGMA FLAT BUTTRESS ENDS DN 25 to DN 600 and find extensive use in the construction of complete glass process plants/pilot plants in the chemical process industry

The company was established in 1997 by managing director Mr Dharmendra Patel with a vision of setting up one reliable source of the complete range of industrial glass for chemical industry with the highest quality and affordable price. In one decade of its existence, the company has proved to be a reputed source of high-quality glassware with unmatched service of international standards.

The company has achieved consistent progress every year since inception based on the large numbers of satisfied customers who buy exclusively from us. We are also the largest OEM supplier to the glass industry; we have now entered into the international markets and have received excellent response from countries like Dubai, Shri Lanka etc.

Industrial Glass Equipment Since 1997

We are committed to constant innovation and development of new products to meet your increasing demands and requirements. We started Manufacturing SIGFOLDI-JACKET™ Vessels up to 200ltr cap. from an entirely new design (100% Folding Design) with designed patent (No. 207576) first time in the world with our capabilities of design, manufacturing and installation, we are perfect one stop for your requirement of borosilicate 3.3 process plant and pilot plants.

We also are engaged in manufacturing of the complete range of Glass Plant supporting Cast Iron and Stainless Steel (die mould) Structure Parts along with Metal Parts like couplings etc. required for Glass Assemblies.

Our products are built for batch and semi-batch mode operations of perfectly matched components of top quality materials which guarantee economical and high-performance solutions tailored to customer requirements.

In R&D as well as pilot plants, Kilo-labs and API Processing companies, our equipment especially Reactor Assemblies o o are used for multiple processes as batch reactors. The operation tempts of such Systems can be -50 C to +200 C. These reactors can be used for scale-up processes because of maintained L/ D Ratio.