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SIGMA Glass vessels & glass stirrers provide the best solution for all requirements encountered in production processes because of the wide range of glass vessels available.  Borosilicate Glass Vessels in either unjacketed or jacketed form are essential components of many units & plants. The Glass Reaction Vessels can be combined with various components as stirrer drive, vessel covers & heat exchangers to construct the wide variety of stirred units & reaction systems. These glass vessels find universal application as reactors, receivers, reboilers, separators, measuring, feed vessels & glass storage vessels in the chemical industry. The complete range of standard glass vessels is available up to 300-liter capacity.

Glass Distillation Units

Glass Reactor Systems

Rotary Evaporators

Thin-Film Evaporator

Glass Overhead Assembly for GLR

Glass Shell & Tube Heat Exchanger

Glass Absorber Systems

HCL Gas Generator Systems

Glass Nutsche Filters

Bromine Recovery Plants from Bromides And Sea Bitterns

Bench Scale Reaction + Filter (with Hand Lift)

Mixer Settlers

Industrial Glassware

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